I am passionately creative, engaged and persistent, a team leader, and productive.
As a mother of two wonderful children I strive to balance work and family life.



Dr. phil. in sociology – summa cum laude
Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Sociology, Prof. Dr. Martin Kohli
Jul 2007 - Jul 2012

Visiting Scholar
New School for Social Research, Department for Sociology, New York
Jan 2007 - Jul 2007

Magister – graduated with “very good” (highest GPA)
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, majors: sociology and business
Oct 2002 - Dec 2006


Work Experience

Research Group Leader
Technical Univeristy Berlin, Department for Sociology, Freigeist-Fellowship to examine "Entrepreneurial Group Dynamics"
Begins Jan 2017

University of California Berkeley, Department for Sociology, Academic Hosts: Prof. Heather Haveman & Prof. Marion Fourcade, Berkeley
Jan 2014 - Jun 2016

Research Associate in Political Consulting & Research Agency
GIB – Gesellschaft für Innovationsforschung mbH, Berlin
Jun 2012 - May 2013

Research Associate
Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Sociology, Project: From Generation to Generation – Succession in Family Businesses, Berlin
Jul 2007 - Dec 2010

Student Consultant in Risk Management
procedo Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Oldenburg
Oct 2002 - Dec 2006

Apprentice in Advertisement
Mattfeldt & Sänger Marketing und Messe AG Kempten
Sep 2000 - Jul 2002



Project Management
Through my experiences in advertisement, business consulting and policital advisory I am conversant with project-based work. I have participated in company audits, the implementation of quality management systems, and the promotion of a state initiative to foster family friendly work practises in Bavaria. These experiences have taught me how to plan, budget, implement and evaluate projects. A Skil that has been tremendously helpful for my academic work. At present I lead  research group on "Entrepreneurial Group Dynamics". In addition, I pursuit a number of researcg projects on entrepreneurial legacies, boundary-management, collaborative research methods, and inequality with colleages from Germany, France, Sweden, the US and Australia.

My research work often takes the shape of international and interdisciplinary research collaborations. I am used to initiate such collaborations and introduce structures for a productive and collegial exchange. To do so, I exploit the virtual possibilities of our digitalized working world without neglecting regular personal contact, especially during start-up and high phases.

Conference Organization
As board member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Association at UC Berkeley, I have chaired organizing committees for 6 half-day conferences with 500 participants within 24 months. In November 2015, Wanda Lieberman, Lina Eklund and I organized the first crowdsourcing symposium at UC Berkeley. We received overwhelming support through the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, the Digital Humanities, the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, and the Visiting Scholars and Post-Doc Affairs. Previously, I have co-organized conferences and workshops in Berlin, Zurich, Oldenburg and Hannover, environmental fairs at seven sites across Germany and a short film festival.


Continuous Learning

Fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (April 2015-Jun 2016); Qualitative Working Group, D-LAB at UC Berkeley (Feb 2014-Jun 2016); Numerous Workshops on qualitative Methods e.g. "Narrative Interviewing", "Advanced Analysis of Qualitative Interviews" at QuaText, Berliner Methoden Treffen, ASA.

"Design & Usability of Online Courses" (Nov 2016), "Syllabus and Course Design" (Oct 2014); Working with Student Writing (Sep 2014), Constructing Written Assignments in Sociology that Build Student Skills (ASA Workshop, Aug 2014)

Academic Writing and Presentation Skills
HSSA Writing Group (UC Berkeley, Feb 2014-Jun 2016), Numerous Workshops e.g. Mary M. Mitchell: Schmooze or Loose; Natalie Reed: How to get published in English speaking journals, Jean-Luc Dumont: Making the most of your presentation.


Academic Honors & External Grants

Freigeist-Fellowship funded by VolkswagenFoundation
supporting the research group "Entrepreneurial Group Dynamics" at Technical University Berlin
Jan 2017-Dec 2021, Value: approx. 1.000.000 EUR

Best Paper Award
with Frank Barbera and Rocki-Lee DeWitt at the 10th Family Enterprise Research Conference, Portland 2014, Value: 1.500 USD

FOBI-Scholar 2014
with Frank Barbera and Rocki-Lee DeWitt. Funding received by the Family Owned Business Institute at Grand Valley State University to further promote the framework of ‘Intergenerational Innovation’, Value: 5.000 USD

Research Scholarship funded by German Research Foundation (DFG)
supporting the research project: „Life Course Dynamics in American Family Businesses“
Jan 2014 - Jun 2016 at the University of California at Berkeley,
Value: approx.: 200.000 EUR

Forum for Junior Researchers funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
with Anita Bader, Nicole Schmiade, Daniel Kersting and Jan Schmirmund
March 2010, Value: 25.000 EUR

Peter Waskönig Scholarship
supporting the book publication of my master thesis
December 2006, Value: 5.000 EUR



    German Sociological Association

   American Sociological Association

   Humanities and Social Sciences Association at the UC Berkeley (board member)
   Berkeley Insitute for Data Sciences
   CCOP Working Group UC Berkeley
   Nets and Organizations Workshop at Stanford University
   D-LAB Qualitative Working Group, UC Berkeley
   Postdoctoral Teaching Opportunity Committee UC Berkeley
   Network Generation Researchers