My teaching expertise is set on qualitative methods, theory of organizations and entrepreneurship,
a life course approach to family businesses, and academic writing. I have thought courses in English and German
at departments for management, for sociology, and for international relations online. I regularly participate in
teaching development workshops such as "Syllabus and Course Design", "Working with Student Writing", and "Online Teaching".


Teaching Philosophy

As teacher I strive to develop (1) student competences and capacity in self-direction as preparation for their working life (2) cultivate an interest in social research and how it is done. To do so, I believe that students need space for experimenting with new ways of thinking and problem-solving in an atmosphere of constructive self-reflection.


Teaching Method

My previous classes, workshops and conference contributions have been largely targeted to non-sociological audiences. With that said, I am trained in raising interest for sociological questions and use illustrative cases and recent compelling studies for this purpose. Being a good teacher requires the ability to explain complex sociological coherences in a simple and clear manner while not demanding too little of the student’s cognitive skills. Personally, I like to engage students in critical discussions about ambitious but adequate research literature, confront them with authentic primary sources and model expert problem-solving.

The opportunity to participate in teaching development workshops have expanded my knowledge of student learning. In my future teaching I strive to emphasize a practice of constructive feedback allowing each student to evaluate and verbalize the performance of others guided by feed-back rules. This process of intellectual maturation does not simple involve self-expression, but a fundamental reflection of one’s thinking, behavior and modes of relating to others.


Teaching Experience

"Evolutionary Approaches in Organizational Sociology", Seminar at the Department for Sociology, Technical University Berlin, WiSe 2016/2017

"Narrating the New: Storytelling as vehicle for intergenerational innovation in family firms", Invited Lecture at the DFG Graduate School 'Innovation Society Today',
Technical University Berlin, Jul 2015.

"A Life Course Approach to Entrepreneurial Families", Invited Lecture, Stetson University Florida, DeLand USA, Jan 2014.

"Workshop Qualitative Social Research", Invited Workshop, INSEEC Paris, Oct 2012.

"Academic Writing Workshop" Seminar at the Department for International Relations Online, Freie Universität Berlin, Spring 2012

"Key Terms and Exercises in Qualitative Methods" Seminar at the Department for Political Science (OSI), Freie Universität Berlin, SoSe 2009, WiSe2011-12

" Research Workshop Qualitative Social Research" Working Group at the Department for Political Science (OSI), Freie Universität Berlin, WiSe 2009/2010

"Basics in Qualitative Social Research" Seminar, ihb – International Academy for Executive Management Berlin, SoSe 2011

"Theories of Entrepreneurs" Seminar cohosted by the Departments of Management and Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin, WiSe2009/2010

"Family Businesses in Germany and Europe"  Seminar at the Department for Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin, SoSe 2008